Hello World

Welcome to my homepage on the internet! Why do I feel the need to have one you might ask? I’m not too sure myself. However, I always thought it was cool to have ones own space on the internet reminiscent of the MySpace days. Now, did I have a MySpace back then? No! I am far too young! However, I find the idea great. I get to share what I am currently working on, have a showcase of things that are cool and things that I have made and share methods of communicating with me. In addition, I intend to extend the website to include my more visually creative side from photography to videography!

DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a web designer!!!

For many years I experimented around with different custom designs and fancy layouts to use for this website. Iteration after iteration I felt like I had something that works, but it never felt like it reflected who I was that well. Upon the sea of existing portfolios bombarded with large image files and catchy tag lines, the ones I were designing felt like I was trying to fit into the same crowd. Having used Jekyll for the majority of websites I have created before, I started actively searching for minimal designs and finally stumbled upon this GitHub project by riggraz. Man was I happy when I found this. It isn’t perfect and I really was not a fan of the recursive list design on the main page, though those were some simple fixed to make. Overall, the design is fast, small in size and conveys the information very efficiently. I can just get stuff done with it.

For the most part the webpage will remain static in its nature. Any post will be quite far apart from another and I don’t expect to update it often ie. the majority of edits will probably just be updating the “Current Activities” section when the information is well.. no longer current! When I have more time free time and start to explore new things, I am sure I will have much more to talk about. Therefore, if you are interested in staying updated with a nice little post every now and then, the RSS feed will be the best solution! :)

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